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Neck Box (PB), boxes with neck are one of the most exclusive.

Mostly used for cosmetics and alcohol branches.
As they are complicated to prooduce their price is much higher than bottom-lid. usually premium products are packed into them.

There are several ways to make such box. we will explain our capabilities.

It is worthy to read to the end where we present most complicated ones with a hinge which we call casket boxes.

The peculiar design of boxes with a side allows for boxes with a much greater height than other boxes.


Two outer elements are same size and different or same height. oune is turned down, the other upside. as both boxes have same size they cannot fall one into the other.
In bottom part there is a glued element that isconnecting them . that part we call neck or collar. boxes with neck can consist of 3-4 basic elements plus inserts.
They can have a distance between bottom and lid part which makes neck partially visible .
Most simple type is 3 element box. lid can lean on bottom. neck is not much outstanding from the bottom the high.

Several ways of making the neck are possible.
By changing its height, it is possible to make the bottom and the lid touch each other, or obtain a distant one, exposing the side strip.


We can do neck two ways. when it is not high we make third normal tray it is glued into the bottom. when it is to be higherwe make neck from v-shaped board with wrapper. It becomes rectangular tube. This way we can make neck 100-480mm high.


Some products demand high boxes. perfumes for instance. this requires to ensure that with liquid stood  and was as much visible as possible.
In that case  we make low bottom and short neck and tight insert. lid mst be high to contain whole product. If we want  part of neck to be visible we must puta stopper in the lid.
If we want the side strip of the sideboard to be visible, we use an additional insert in the age, which protects the lid from collapsing too much. This is how we get a very impressive box.


As the boxes with neck are made in different ways they have different min and max sizes.
Table below shows sizes which we can do automaticaqlly. other sizes require hand finishing at least one of elements.

Type of boxAvailable size of bottom insideAvailable box height
3 elements, neck made from boxminimum 55×55
max 400×500
Max hight neck170mm + height of the bottom protruding over the neck (max 325mm)
3 elements, side made from board with wrapperminimum 55×55
maximum inner perimeter of the walls to 780mm
Possibility of making bigger height by lifting the lid by insert o hand wrapping(theoretically 1000mm doable 0 so far we never had to make such big)


Those are neck box which lid is not lifted up bot is opening on a side. We gain this by paper hinge mounted between bottom and lid. Neck is outstanding the bottom by 10-15mm. This solution is perfect for high quality alcohols.

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